Living in Minneapolis Western Suburbs, a tightly sealed home, to prevent energy losses, is a priority.  Unfortunately, recirculating the same stale air traps indoor pollutants and exposes your family to health risks.  Your health, comfort, sleep, home furnishings, budget, and condition of HVAC equipment is all impacted by indoor air quality.  The experts from West Metro Mechanical help you identify, address, and resolve all types of issues through cost-effective strategies, and a wide range of industry-leading products.

Breathe easy with indoor air quality solutions from a professional!

Call on West Metro Mechanical at (952) 679-3979 for targeted air quality solutions.  We provide whole-home, sustainable, and affordable improvement to concerns with airborne particulate, bacteria, fumes, excess humidity, insufficient humidity, stale odors, and more.  Our broad range of advanced technology and innovative options include air purification systems, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, germicidal UV lamps, heat recovery ventilators, and more.  Partnering with such industry leaders as Bryant and Aprilaire, we customize recommendations to your specific needs and create cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable homes across Norwood Young America, Waconia, Cologne, Glencoe, Green Isle & Belle Plaine, MN.