How would you like to keep your home perfectly comfortable, all year round, for approximately a dollar a day?  And have access to virtually free hot water?  Rated the most environmentally responsible means of heating and cooling by the EPA, geothermal HVAC is an ideal solution to temperature control.

Enjoy an energy efficient geothermal HVAC system installation!

Clean, quiet, and reliable, geothermal heat pumps draw from the free energy source located below ground, right in your own backyard.  The actual heat pump is installed indoors, protected from weather, and can be expected to last twice as long as a conventional alternative.  The underground loops system delivers upwards of fifty years of dependable operation.  Contact West Metro Mechanical at (952) 679-3979 for further information, helpful recommendations, and a full range of geothermal services in Minneapolis Western Suburbs.

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West Metro Mechanical is qualified and experienced in geothermal technology.  Our fully trained and licensed technicians handle your start to finish project, catering to your specific requirements, to create a system that delivers maximum return.  And with the low maintenance, minimal operational costs, and extended life span of equipment, you’ll quickly recover the initial investment.  Plus, we stand behind our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  For new/design installation, retrofit projects, seasonal maintenance, and repair, West Metro Mechanical delivers prompt scheduling, quick turnaround, industry leading products, and a job done right throughout Norwood Young America, Waconia, Cologne, Glencoe, Green Isle & Belle Plaine, MN.